Rules and Policies

Cancellation Policy

Before the start of the season, season-long vendors paid-in-full will receive a 90% refund. After that start of the season, no refunds will be given.

Before the start of the season, season-long vendors paying weekly will receive a refund of 50% of their deposit. After that start of the season, no refunds will be given.

Deposits will be applied to dates missed during the season that are not due to illness or family emergency.

If a vendor misses 3 dates (except in the case of illness or family emergency), the vendor forfeits their booth location.

Late Arrival Policy

Vendors are required to be in their designated market spot no later than 7:00 AM. Vendors who arrive after 7:15 AM will forfeit their spot. Vendors who arrive after 7:30 AM will not be allowed to participate in the market that day, no exceptions.

Local Foods Policy

Vendors who wish to sell produce or products not grown or made by their farm or business must submit a written request to the market either by email or by letter at the market information booth. Included in the request must be the farm or business that is growing or making the product, a contact name and phone number, and their farming practices and complete list of ingredients if applicable. The sale of any products prior to approval by the market board is prohibited.

Trash Removal Policy

Vendors are required to haul away their trash at the end of the market. Vendor spaces should be clean when vendor departs for the day.

Please see the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market Rules at for a full description of market regulations.

For all vendors

I agree to follow all market rules and I understand that this application relates only to the products and equipment listed herein and that any further products or equipment will require market master approval. I certify that the above are produced in accordance with all county, state and federal laws.